May 23, 2011

Introducing... GRAY!

Hello, and welcome to GRAY!

GRAY first started when a few design-loving coworkers found themselves with a little extra time on their hands (bad economy, you know how it goes) and wanted to create something new to represent all things stylish and beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

We are based out of Seattle and cover design in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. We have dozens of years of editorial experience, and if you didn't already figure it out, we're more than a little infatuated with architecture, interiors, style, fashion, food and entertaining. If it has a great local angle and some stunning design involved, we definitely want to know about it.

Currently, we are working hard to put together the inaugural issue of GRAY, launching this fall. Until then, please enjoy our daily updates on the GRAY blog, where we'll share what we're working on and what's inspiring us in the Northwest.

If you have any leads, ideas or questions, we'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to shoot an email to (We're a small operation, so please give us a few days to respond.)

Lots of love,
Shawn, Stacy and Angela

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  1. omg, omg! yay, congratulations! can't wait for the issue. you guys rule!