Dec 19, 2011

GRAY Gift Guide: The Professional

"The professional" sounds like "The Godfather" and the import is just as serious: This gift-receiver is jet-setting and multitasking and only has time for gifts of elegant utility.

Toasts by Paul Dickson, to master those awkward toasting moments, $19.95.

Punkt Alarm Clock, so that the early bird gets the job done, $125

"Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast" by Albert Pierstadt, for classy office art, $19-$119
Fleur de sel caramels by Jonboy. Sweet treats for the professional or her co-workers, $8.99

Cool Coat for post-deal celebrations, $30

Oyster Shell Dish, for paperclips and thumb-tacks, $34

Hand-typeset agenda book. Never miss a chance to network, $58

Rocking Whiskey Glasses, $32 for a set of six. Set the stage for Mad Men-like mid-afternoon happy hours.

Luggage Tags by Linnea Design. A reminder of home while traveling, $5

Zoka Coffee Holiday Blend of coffee beans for the professional coffee addict, $15.95

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