Jul 18, 2013

Q&A with Jonathan Adler

Here I am with Jonathan Adler at the store opening last week. I got to sit down with him before the party, and as promised, here is the resulting Q & A. 

You have stores in places around the country so why Seattle and why now?

Well I've actually been looking in Seattle for awhile I just never found the perfect spot.  Seattle has always been on my radar because I think y’all are really chic. There is something about the character of Seattle design that has always gotten my chakras tingling. And I’ve always been looking for a space in U Village because the fit just felt so right.

Here in the PNW we’re known for the neutrals, the gray, the subtle colors, and then there’s your store—it’s a color explosion. How do you see that fitting in? 

Well you know what's funny if you really look at what I do it’s really a pretty neutral palette—I used lots and lots of white, natural material, lots of grays and then I just sort of use punches of color.

How would you describe the Pacific Northwest style?

I think there're a lot of influences here. There’s the ruggedness of the terrain that leads to a feeling of gutsiness. The idea of the west in general just gives you a sense of freedom. There is the Japanese influence that is just incredible, and then there is the craft movement that is near and dear to my heart.

You design everything yourself, correct?

Yes. At heart I am a potter first and foremost, and as a potter Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have always resonated with me. I used to be a production potter for seven years. I used to make every single piece myself. I spent my pretty years at the wheel making pots and listening to NPR. They weren’t just my pretty years, they were my well-informed years as well.

What are your favorite items in the store?

The things that I really love are…well I probably shouldn’t say this but I love it all. I think the piece I’m most proud of is something from my Muse collection.

How did you come up with the design of the store? 

What I like to do is really make a store a place for my stuff, so I like to keep it raw and honest and then I fancy it up and I hope that inspires people to realize that they don’t have to spend squllions on home improvement, often they can just add some groovy stuff. 

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