Jun 18, 2014

Inspired By Travel: Local Designers Share the Inspirations for their Products

Finding local designers inspired by their travels for this issue wasn't difficult—but finding the space to show them all off was! We loved them all so much that we want to show you more. 

1. "During a road trip in Alaska, I hiked a small mountain in Denali National Park. As I began the hike, I saw some grizzly bears on the hillside and was so nervous I would have an unexpected encounter that I just started singing to them the whole way up while jingling my bear bells. There was something so funny about singing to the bears that it comforted me the whole time.” —Kristin Murray, Wallingford & Co.

Bear Print in Tomato by Wallingford Co., $20, Seattle, wallingfordco.com.

photos: Kristin Murray

Contrasting natural elements in the Alaska's Denali National Park. 
Small cabin captured by Kristin Murray of Wallingford Co. 
Bear Print in Tomato. Available at Wallingford Co. 

2. “Although I was in Panamá in 1998, I didn't discover these baskets until I was back in America. The delicate weave and vibrant patterns entranced me, and the story of the gifted women who create them intrigued me. Intense natural colors, intricate designs, and exceptionally fine weave make these remarkable creations from the Darién Rainforest of Panamá one of the rarest and most highly-regarded art forms across the globe.” —Jennifer Jedda, JJ Caprices

Wounaan Basket, $188 at JJ Caprices, jjcaprices.com.

photos: Jennifer Jedda

Jedda in Bhutan. 

A picture Jedda snapped in India. 
The Wounaan Basket, inspired by the international travels of Jennifer Jedda, founder of JJ Caprices. 

3. "Traveling the world inspires me to widen my aesthetic. As a designer I am always amazed at the eye candy that ignites my imagination. The experience challenges me to go outside my comfort zone and experiment with new ideas. The result is always something new, fresh, and innovative.​" —Rosanna Bowles, Rosanna, Inc.

Voyage Scandal Tray by Rosanna, $12, Seattle, WA., rosannainc.com.

See the full story in this month's issue, here!

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