Jul 11, 2014

Get This: Geometric Design

Geometry is all the angular, quirky rage in furniture and design. Here's what we saw at WantedDesign and ICFF that sparked our passion for the cornered, crooked, forked, and slanted. Many of these are not yet for sale, so let them inspire you as you wait for manufacturers to snap them up for production.

Geometric Collection Diamond Shades designed by Martin Lasnik for 13&9, Graz, Austria

Lift Coasters by Fruitsuper Design, Seattle 

Lionheart outdoor steel mesh stool by Ash Allen, Melbourne, Australia

Lg Star Textile Tray by Piano Nobile, $40

Sky Bang by Stickbulb, New York

Hialeah Table, $3,995 by Iacoli & McAllister, Seattle 

Untitled Mirrors by Marc Schulthess

Poly Pop Pendants by Token, Brooklyn, New York

St. Charles Coffee Table by Volk, $3,950, Brooklyn, New York

Medium Wedge Rug by Hatch Hub, $380

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