Aug 2, 2014

Takeaway Tips about Color from GRAY Conversations

Thursday night was the first event in our newly launched GRAY Conversation series. Hosted by Room & Board in Seattle’s University Village, the panel, moderated by our editorial director Jaime Gillin, consisted of four experts talking about different ways to bring color into your home. We’ve compiled some of the top tips from the evening to help you overcome your color fears and be bold with that brush.

Robin Chell: interior designer and founder of Robin Chell Design.

“If you have a great piece of art you love, look at the colors and go from there."

“Sometimes a nice way to accent a bright color is a soft pastel.”

“Even books can bring color into a room.”

Cassandra LaValle, Creative Director and founder of lifestyle blog CoCo+Kelley.
 “I’m always taking a cue from fashion. I think fashion takes more risks than we do in design when it comes to color.”

Anne Viggiano, color and design consultant
“If you live in a traditional home and want to put a contemporary twist on it, paint the walls the same color as the trim.”

“Use the ceiling as an accent wall.”

 “If you’re scared of color on the walls, use other design elements to bring in visual interest such as texture, pattern, and furnishings.”

“If you want to create a peaceful space, use less contrast between the walls and trim.”

Gretchen Schauffler, founder and creative director of Devine Color paint company.

 “It is truly about color relationships. The goal is always to recognize colors you love and put them together in a way that makes you happy.”

“Don’t use white to avoid color. Use white because you love white and want to live surrounded by white.”

Images Courtesy of Robin Chell, Cassandra LaValle, Anne Viggiano, and Gretchen Schauffler. 

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