Sep 26, 2014

GRAY Conversations: How To Get Published

Today marked the opening of trade day at IDSWest, and the launch of this weekend's GRAY Conversations. We brought together a panel of industry experts including GRAY editorial director Jaime Gillin, GRAY editor Rachel Gallaher, Amery Calvelli of Push Plus Minus, Tanya Tweten from Promoter at Heart, and freelance journalist Laura Goldstein. We rounded up some of the top tips from the morning to help you as you plan to pitch your projects.  


1. Closely read 3-4 issues of the publication you are pitching, paying attention to the style of the projects they feature. This will help you get a feel for the aesthetic and the types of projects each one features.

2. When you pitch, send images. They don't have to be professional pics—iPhone snaps are fine. Magazines often shoot or re-shoot projects with their own photographers anyway, but it gives them a good idea of what a project looks like.

3. When sending a pitch, include as much information as possible—a short description of the project, clients, any unique or challenging aspects of the project, any other design professionals involved. The more information, the better.

4. Pitch new projects, or things that are in the works. Most magazines work far in advance and like to slate things in for future issues. At GRAY we like publish fresh, new, unseen work.

5. Writers should follow up on their pitches. Sometimes people feel shy or worry about "bugging" editors. At GRAY we really appreciate when writers follow up. Don't hesitate to check in and remind us you're waiting on an answer—as long as it's been a couple weeks since they sent their pitch.

TOP TWITTER QUESTION from BC Industrial: What do you have to spend on advertising to get editorial?

At GRAY we don't base editorial coverage on advertising dollars. Our advertisers' projects and products do, of course, have our attention, but everything that appears in the magazine is included for its quality design.

Amery Calvelli of Portland's Push Plus Minus, GRAY editor Rachel Gallaher, freelance journalist Laura Goldstein, GRAY editorial director Jaime Gillin, and Tanya Tweten from Promoter at Heart talk about how to get published on the GRAY stage.

Industry ladies talking to the crowd about how to pitch a story.
The packed crowd at the first GRAY conversation. 
Editorial Director Jaime Gillin interviewed post-panel on the GRAY Conversations stage.

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