Sep 10, 2014

Party Pages: Seattle Design Festival Block Party

This year, Seattle Design Festival invited designers from around the city to participate in the SDF Rumble, a collaborative brainstorm of ideas that would eventually become large-scale, instructive installations in Occidental Square, the heart of Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. Nine teams assembled, each with a group of designers, a contractor and an activity partner such as Hub and Bespoke, Parkour Visions, and Tarboo Inc. Coming together for meetings in the months leading up to the festival, each team worked under an overarching subject (information, material, performance, science, digital technologies, the body, mind, transportation, and pop-up!) to create an installation channeling the theme Design in Motion. We stopped by the party on Saturday to check out the final installations, watch the public interact, and celebrate living in a city that loves great design. 

Images by Alexa Helsell.

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