Dec 19, 2014

5 Questions For: Stephanie Dyer, Stephanie Dyer Interior + Product Design

Name: Stephanie Dyer
Title: Principal / Sole Proprietor

Which of your designs or projects are you most excited about right now and why?
She Bop’s second location on SE Division just opened. They have exceptional clients and always enjoy the holistic exercise of incorporating brand identity into a design concept.

A New Construction Residence in Lehi, Utah. This dual-suite residence will house three generations under one roof and incorporate Aging in Place concepts. It’s a modern, spacious floor plan with custom elements that showcase the family’s personality.

Tell us three words that embody your design philosophy.
Timelessness. Context. Environment.

What's your favorite place in the Pacific Northwest and why?
Too many to choose from… today I’ll say Sauvie Island, Oregon. I always feel at home when I visit, and fortunate to live so near such a unique ecosystem. My favorite part of Portland these days is the length of N. Willamette Boulevard.

Who or what are you inspired by right now?
Landscape (both natural and refined) and the tension that exists between its innate pursuit to thrive and our constructed environments. I am always drawn to examples of nature reclaiming its territory, such as vines consuming an abandoned building.

I am also interested in the connection between time (history) and place (travel), as it pertains to design. I envision double-ended arrows extending along different planes, and the point at which they inevitably intersect.

What do you think of the color gray?
Clean. Grounding. Metallic. Deep. Subdued. Calming.

Image Courtesy of Stephanie Dyer.

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