Jan 9, 2015

Get This: Winter Warmth

When all the red and green comes down, a house can feel bereft and lonely. Neutrals, metallics, and textures, however, can infuse enough light and life to make up for it. So when the merry-merry decorations come down, console your home with winter warmth and sparkle. Get off to an optimistic start this year!

Silver Glass Bowl, $199, Seattle, Room & Board

Marilyn Table Lamp, $300, Portland, Vanillawood

Capiz Wall Art, Triptych, $349, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, B.C., West Elm

Beeswax Faceted Pillar, $25, Seattle, Click! Design That Fits

Bloom Chair, $299, Seattle, Alchemy Collections

Iittala Teema Teapot, $74, Seattle, Chartreuse Modern

Burnished Metal Floating Shelf, $148-$248, many locations, Anthropologie

Fogalia Zinc Pillow, $175, Vancouver, B.C., The Cross Decor & Design

Lambskin, $359, many locations, Crate and Barrel

Karma, $724, Portland, Hip

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