Jan 26, 2015

Product of the Week: Blackbird Incense Pyres

We hope not to incense you with what we're about to say, but we're into incense again. If you lived through the '60s and '70s and managed to finally get the scent of patchouli out of your poncho, you may have a strong aversion to its potent perfume.

However, Seattle's Blackbird has managed to bring incense back into our homes and make it chic. Their Incense Pyres ($28) come in sophisticated scents that are groovy in a good way. The package contains 20 pyres that scent a room for several hours, creating a moody, mystical atmosphere. Combinations like leather and cognac, and moss, geranium, and mint are exciting departures from the usual candle-like scents. So, put on some Stevie Nicks and get in touch with your far-out side.

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