Apr 24, 2015

Seattle Modern Home Tour

DATE: Saturday, May 2, 2015
TIME: 11:00am–5:00pm
COST: $30 in advance; $40 day-of. Free for children under 12. Get your tickets here.
TRANSPORTATION: Self-driving, self-paced

Peer into the modern houses that you’ve always wondered about—in a neighborhood near you! On the heels of the Portland Modern Home Tours, held April 25 (tomorrow!), GRAY is sponsoring the Seattle Modern Home Tours on May 2, which feature architecture and interiors by some of our area’s most renowned firms. Here are the highlights:

1. The Aurea Residence is a modern house built in the Magnolia neighborhood. Designed by architect Chris Pardo, the home was constructed to maximize the view of the surrounding area, while also bringing stunning modern style to the neighborhood.

2. Located in Seattle’s Atlantic neighborhood, the Backyard House is a speculative infill development that takes its name from its site—the subdivided backyard of an existing single-family house. Designed by SHED Architecture & Design, the house is situated on the western half of the lot on the edge of a bluff and features lots of natural light, floor-to-ceiling glazing in the dining and living rooms, stunning views, and sustainable materials.

3. The 18th Avenue City Homes Project is located on a narrow, sloping lot within the dense, urban Central District neighborhood of Seattle. Designed by architect/developer team Malboeuf Bowie Architecture, the project embraces the three basic principles of good modern design: abundant natural light and ventilation, small spaces that live large, and indoor/outdoor integration.

4. In Maple Leaf, check out local notable architect James Chiarelli’s own former residence, built between 1948 and 1950. Though renovated by current owners, the updates honor the original design. The house bridges classic Midcentury Modern and contemporary design styles, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (2012) and the Washington Heritage Register (2012), and as a City of Seattle Landmark (2014).

5. In the Washington Park neighborhood, see a comfortably grand and artistic “tree-house” designed by Prentiss Architects, which underwent an extensive remodel in 2007 to reflect the owners’ desire for a livable, contemporary space. The finished result features a number of sustainable choices, including solar-heated water, cabinets crafted of bamboo, Alkemi (a solid surface material composed of recycled aluminum), and a full-height Nana window wall and ridge skylight that floods the main living area with natural light and offers a view of Mt. Rainier from the dining table.

6. A second home near Washington Park showcases a complete renovation and transformation of an old 1920 Dutch Colonial into an incredible modern work of art. The new modern alterations include large windows and a glass roof, which give credence to the home’s new name: “Dutch Light.” Come see this new body inside a classic colonial shell.

For further details and tickets, visit Seattle Modern Home Tours.

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