Jul 14, 2015

Product of the Week: A-Lamp

Type O Lamp with red and white extension cord

For anyone who dreams about leaving the daily grind to pursue a creative hobby full-time, Erol Chandler is proof-positive that it's possible. After leaving his middle school teaching job to pursue woodworking with his company, A-Lamp, Chandler created a line of vintage-inspired lamps. Dubbed the Type O and Type A, the lamps are created one by one in Chandler's Eugene, Oregon, studio and feature all American-made parts and materials—down to the Edison bulbs. In fact, the cotton-wrapped cord is sourced from Seattle's Conway Electric (GRAY collaborated with Conway on a special edition of its Exto extension cord).

Type A Lamp

Chandler has zeroed in on the handmade process and heirloom quality of his designs, saying, "As a dude coming out of a 'throw-away' generation, consider A-lamp a rebellion."

If this all sounds up your alley, consider backing his Kickstarter campaign to turn A-Lamp into a national brand. Only 10 days to go!

We give Chandler full marks for this clever, beautiful project

Type O Lamp in mustard with blue extension cord

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