Jul 6, 2015

Product of the Week: Tieton Post Office Kickstarter

Tieton Mosaic Studio
Today's product of the week features a bevy of benefits for a local kickstarter campaign. Apropos of celebrating America, this kickstarter aims to shine a light on an important part of rural communities across the country: the small-town post office. An effort to transform the Tieton, WA, post office into the coolest post office in the country is backed by Mighty Tieton, a local design incubator, that wants to see the facade covered in 41,500 glass stamp-sized mosaic tiles. From the project description:

"Tieton Mosaic Project is a creative place-making initiative to start and grow a typographic mosaic signage company, using the town as living proof of what a difference design and craft can make to the appearance of a town."

And further, "The Postal Service still connects people who live in rural areas to the rest of the world in very real ways—and always will.”

Join them in their effort and receive some pretty swell rewards at the same time, ranging from your initials or name etched on a tile on the facade, goodies from Paper Hammer, your own mosaic letter, and a 2-night stay in Tieton. The project has 28 more days to go and has reached $10,220 of their $48,000 goal.

12" Mosaic Tile Initial for $1,000 level

Give $150 or more and you get a surprise bag of items from Paper Hammer

40"-wide poster for $150 level

We think donating would make a great start to the week! Check it out and donate here.


  1. Thanks Gray Magazine! This is a big help for a good cause. By building this we are also creating a monument to small-town post offices everywhere. Help make this happen today! Then every time you stick a stamp, visit a post office, or open a box of cookies from home you'll feel proud!

  2. We are gunning for you!