Jun 20, 2011

Perfect Imperfections

Cover of Perfect Imperfections

Here's a cool idea: Kirk Albert of Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings in Seattle has used the hottest platform for online magazines (Issuu) to publish a book that showcases the shop's one-of-a-kind inventory. In fact, lots of exciting things are happening for one of the city's most unique shops. It provided many of the store furnishings for the new Starbucks in Madison Park (another location that serves beer and wineyes!), and they have a new exclusive design, the Military Bench. Read the book here!

Check out some of the great stuff on their 1st Dibs store:

Jewelry Encrusted Mannequin Head

Circa 1911 IBM Time Clock
Vintage Chrome Cubic Gaetano Sciolari Chandelier
Modernist Painting

Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings, 5517 Airport Way S., Seattle and 1st Dibs

Photos courtesy: 1st Dibs

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