Aug 11, 2011

Lead Pencil Studio's Non-Sign

Image: Courtesy DesignBoom

Some of you may be trucking it across the U.S.–Canada border this summer on a road trip, and while you do, take note of a new sculpture commissioned by the U.S. General Services Administration. Non-Sign II, installed this January, is a "non-billboard."

Image: Courtesy DesignBoom

A framed shot of the sky resides where the billboard should be, and is surrounded by a net of stainless steel rods. The provocative artwork is done by the hands of Daniel Mihalyo and Annie Han of Seattle's Lead Pencil Studio.

This talented duo has done a number of works in the Northwest and has received many national and international awards, including the American Academy of Rome's Rome Prize, the Emerging Voice Award from the Architectural League of New York, and the City Artists Award from Seattle.

Image: Courtesy DesignBoom

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