Nov 14, 2013

District Design: The Newest Spot to Shop in Georgetown

Thanks to places such as Susan Wheeler Home, Revolver Vintage, and Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings, Georgetown, Washington, has become a hot destination for interior designers, savvy shoppers, and those looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Last month, the residents of Airport Way South welcomed a new neighbor, the latest addition to the Georgetown vintage hub.

Mike McConnell and Kate Winklarek, who met while working together at a local auction house, started District Design as a space for multiple vendors to display their finds. The mix is eclectic—everything from antique chandeliers and jewelry to found X-ray images and Pendleton blankets. With an eclectic mix of vendors—such as Sarah Littlefield, owner of Seattle Junk Love, and Jeff and Theresa Fotheringill of First Pick—District Design is the perfect one-stop shop for the upcoming holiday season.

INSIDER INFO: Where’d You Get That Name? Mike McConnell dishes on the name District. 

I was in the marching band in all my schools back in Little Rock [Arkansas] and the greatest accolade any of us had was getting selected to go to District. "Are you going to District? She went to District? Oh my god, I met the hottest guy at District!" District was also the authority in the school system: "District says you can't take that field trip to the bourbon distillery."

By the way, I was terrible in band. I never got to go to District.

  Kate Winklarek and Mike McConnell of District Design with Seattle Junk Love's Sarah Littlefield and her dog Simone.

Vendors from and around the Seattle area bring in items from the Pacific Northwest region, and beyond. 

We'd love to kick back on this chair-and-blanket combo too.
Vintage pendants make the perfect gift for someone with extra school pride. 

At District Design, you'll likely find items you won't see anywhere else. 

You never know when one of these guys will come in handy. 

Boasting an eclectic mix of vintage goods, District Design found the perfect fit in Georgetown. Above: Chinese silk pajamas at the Ormolulu stall. 


  1. Thanks GRAY Magazine for posting about this fabulous new treasure in the heart of Georgetown!! Debi Burton/Ormolulu

  2. I recognized the Ormolulu touch right off. It shows a much classier style than the other picturesI