Oct 2, 2014

Room of the Week: Fig Studio Architecture + Interior Design

Category: Office
Location: Portland

Goal: This northwest modern house in Portland is home to two young professionals and their son. The office area sits in the large master bedroom, and the designers wanted to maximize the efficiency of the space, making otherwise unused square footage functional for the homeowners.

Inspiration: “Our clients have a beautiful collection of historical family photographs, found objects, and ephemera,” says Fig designer and co-owner Jenny Guggenheim. “Because we were working with pieces that hold meaning, creating the right combination of artistic balance and hierarchy was priority.” 

Breakdown: According to Guggenheim, the client had several vintage pieces she wanted to display, such as the typewriter and microscope, but until this work space was created, she had no place to put them. Both the West Elm desk and the Tolix chair from Design Within Reach are new pieces, but they fit with the room’s early 20th century vibe. The wall was painted in Benjamin Moore’s AF-565 Mysterious. Both of the clients are dentists, so the framed vintage teeth molds are a quirky yet appropriate touch.

Tips to Get the Look: “Keep your eyes open for vintage pieces that speak to who you are and what you want your space to feel like,” Guggenheim notes. “You never know what you might spot on the side of the road or at your local flea. I love it when objects have a story behind them, so don't forgot to look through what you already have. Moving a piece to a new room or getting it out of storage might be the ticket to a new look without spending a dime.”

Image Courtesy of Fig Studio Architecture + Interior Design.

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