Dec 29, 2014

Product of the Week: Sticks & Stones Crushed Abalone Bolo

The times, they are a-changin', and would you believe that it might be time for the bolo tie to be back? Don't get incredulous yet—you have to see what Portland company Sticks & Stones can do. Using recycled and precious found materials to create jewelry and accessories of unusual beauty, Sticks & Stones has cultivated a style that is uniquely Northwest. The Crushed Abalone Bolo is on our radar today for its sheer moxie. The abalone shell is like natural glitter, and their design makes the bolo look fresh and interesting. Wear it to a New Year's party as your first act of style in 2015. $275 at Sticks & Stones.

Editorial note: Items featured in GRAY’s Product of the Week posts are solely the choice of our editors and are not paid for in any way by anyone associated with the product.

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