Jan 2, 2015

A Trip to Art Basel with designer Andee Hess

Every year for four days in December, the international art world descends on Miami for the much-anticipated Art Basel, an event where galleries show work from leading modern and contemporary artists, as well as pieces by emerging stars. This year was the12th year of Art Basel Miami and the 10th year of Design Miami, and Portland-based designer Andee Hess, principal of OsmoseDesign, attended. GRAY enlisted Hess to share some of her top picks from this year.

By Andee Hess

Osmose recently completed a tea-lounge in Miami, and through local clients and friends there I’ve had the opportunity to explore the city a good bit.  For that reason, when Art Basel Miami Beach approached, I thought for sure I would have a better handle on the festivities than the previous two years I’ve attended...

Art Basel Miami Beach still rules victorious as a feverous sensory-overload!! Here’s what I was able to process, and a few things that especially stuck out to me.  Enjoy the trip:

Donald Judd
Untitled (DSS 319), 1973
I’m a huge Judd fan—even though it’s from1973, this piece still looks so fresh and new.

Eric Baudart Concave 2013 aerosol paint on paper; The Gold show at the Bass Museum.

John Miserendino, Untitled (Seeing Ruby’s Hubby), 2014, stone, dye, 27×36   

Sylvie Fleury, Yes To All, 2004 gold-plated trashcan
The Gold show at the Bass Museum

Olson Kundig Architects’ “38 Beams” installation for the collector’s lounge at Design Miami. Seeing this solid installation gave me a great swell of PNW pride!  

Jack Craig PVC Series Pressed Stone Table 2013
These tables are made of heat-formed PVC water main and stone tops granite. I love the material surprise, and aside from being pretty cool little tables, they made me want to explore and play with materials more.

Fendi booth designed by Dimore Studio.  

Lines & Waves by Tomas Alonso, through Victor Hunt (London)
CNC milled grooves, then polished by hand with accessories following the grooves, so they align and slide. Did I mention the grooves are all hand-polished?

This nylon-and-bronze rug was featured at Ammann Gallery. I’ve never seen anything like it!    

Action Object by Leon Ransmeier. Yes, it’s a silver chin-up station! 

Acrylic console at Ammann Gallery.

Alessandro Mendini cabinet (brass inlayed in enamel) at Casati. This is the perfect luxury wardrobe for a Monsters Inc. character.
American walnut and ecologically harvested alligator stools by Etel Carmona Suchus stool for Espasso.   

CNC marble by Zaha Hadid at R&Company.

Some creeping little stools by The Hass Brothers at R&Company.

Epic Damian Hirst pieces (composed of primarily metal razor blades).
And a life-size Peter Marino to finish things off!    

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