Jan 16, 2015

5 Questions For: Jen Ament

Name: Jen Ament 
Title: Artist

Which of your designs or projects are you most excited about right now and why?

I am in the middle of working on a show at the beginning of February, and a show that will open end of May. They both involve the celestial landscape, the places we have come from, and quite possibly where we are going. I am completely aware of my own mortality from a insane accident I had this year and have become obsessed with the rituals and ceremonies we have created as a society, therefore the title of my new shows are "Rituals" and "Future Rituals."  

Tell us three words that embody your design philosophy.
 Useful. Honest. Beautifully made.

What's your favorite place in the Pacific Northwest and why?
The Cape Flattery Trail [on the northern tip of the Washington coat] is magical. More on a rainy day than sunny.

Who or what are you inspired by right now?
  • Streams of light and fog or mist, playing off each other.
  • People who authentically have no desire to be famous. I think too many people wrongly believe this is the road to happiness, and oh how wrong they are.
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces, I wish Seattle had more of them.
  • Older Japanese men's wardrobes.

What do you think of the color gray?

It is a constant in my life. It soothes me, and reminds me of home.

Image Courtesy of Jen Ament.

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  1. An insane accident? Damn, I knew something was up when her blog was all but abandoned and my question was never acknowledged. Thank God she's physically healed to the point where she's doing good work in anticipation of shows. We need more than spending five short questions and five short answers with this artist: the world needs more input from people who know fame is a sham, that there is beauty in gray, as well as in a rainy day!