Jan 19, 2015

Product of the Week: Gather Stool from Barter Design

The Victorians made furniture and objects for every single situation. No doubling up, there. Just think of their table setting—a bouillabaisse spoon? An asparagus fork? Luckily we live much more casually now, and that idea is especially important in the Northwest. We love things that are versatile—like the Gather stool from Barter Design in Vancouver, B.C. Simple and beautiful, it can be a table or a stool; displayed in a group or alone. Whatever it's used as, it will also always be art.

Editorial note: Items featured in GRAY’s Product of the Week posts are solely the choice of our editors and are not paid for in any way by anyone associated with the product.

Images Courtesy of Gaile Guevara Photography.

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