Mar 25, 2015

GRAY Conversations: The Sorrento Sessions

In Partnership with Interior Design Show West

Don’t miss this five-part conversation series at Seattle’s historic, newly updated Sorrento Hotel. In the revamped lobby Fireside Room and the penthouse-level Top of the Town, GRAY editors will moderate dynamic panel discussions with creative thinkers from all corners of the Pacific Northwest on subjects ranging from the Northwest’s rising fashion profile to “remix culture” and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Come for the conversation and stay for the cocktails! Space is limited; RSVP is required.


The Sorrento Sessions
in partnership with IDSwest
April 9 | Pacific Northwest Design Now
May 5 | Remix Culture & Cross-Disciplinary Design
June 11 | Northwest Fashion on the Rise
July 9 | Art, Landscape, & the Public Realm

TOPIC: Pacific Northwest Design Now

Over the past decade, the Pacific Northwest has experienced a major design boom. We’ll explore the ways in which our region’s evolving culture, industries, population, and resources have influenced the emergence of unique interiors, architecture, and products. What does Pacific Northwest design look like right now, and where is it going? And given today’s hyper-connected, globalized world, does "regional design" even exist anymore? Our panelists weigh in.

Cost is $10. Tickets available HERE


·      George Suyama, architect and cofounder, Suyama Peterson Deguchi (Seattle)

·      Jennifer Navva Milliken, curator, Bellevue Arts Museum (Bellevue, WA)

·      Richelle Nolan, managing director, Interior Architects (Portland)

·      Brent Comber, furniture designer and artist, Brent Comber (North Vancouver, B.C.)

May 5

TOPIC: Remix Culture, Collaboration, and Cross-Disciplinary Design

Cost is $10. Tickets available HERE

Whether it’s industrial designers shaping interiors or architects branching into product design, the Northwest has become known for its creative collaborations and cross-disciplinary projects. For this panel, we’ll talk to some of the region’s brightest design stars about their experiences crossing into new or unexpected design territories, and why this is becoming a new standard.

This evening will also feature a tour of the new Sorrento suites and a short talk with the designers responsible for their new look. Designers include Brian Paquette, April Pride, and Codor Design.

June 11

TOPIC: Northwest Fashion on the Rise

Cost is $10. Tickets available HERE

We all know the stereotype: Birkenstocks and flannel shirts. Ripped jeans and fleece jackets. The Northwest gets props for a lot of things, but fashion has never been one of them. Until now. Thanks to a cadre of creative designers, the runways are looking to our region for style trends. From clothing and jewelry to handbags and shoes, this panel of sartorial all-stars will talk about how we went from sportswear to street chic.

Image Courtesy of Tina Kulic

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