May 22, 2015

5 Questions For: Alison Kent + Cindy Yu, Joue Design

Cindy Yu and Alison Kent of Vancouver's Joue Design

Names: Alison Kent + Cindy Yu
Title: Co-Owners/Lead Designers, Joue Design
Company: Joue Design, Inc.

Which of your projects are you most excited about right now?

AK: Oh, so many! I'm thrilled with our latest Summer Capsule Collection of printed silk watercolor pillows with hand-painted accents, but I am also very excited about the various collaborations we are working on for the coming seasons—both in our ongoing throw pillow collections and in expanding our lines. We are looking into bedroom and kitchen textiles, and hope to have new product out in the next year or two. As for specific details, you'll have to wait and see! We work on our upcoming designs about a year in advance, so our heads are all over the place; it’s a very exciting time for Joue Design.

CY: I love the direction we're headed creatively, and I’m proud of the steps we've taken so far with our latest collections. There's so much we're excited about for the fall and next spring that those seasons can't come soon enough. 

Tell us three words that embody your design philosophy.

CY:  Original. Art. Textiles.

What is your favorite place in the Pacific Northwest? Why?

AK: The beaches! I've always loved the beaches up and down our beautiful coasts. There’s something about the colors, waves, and clean, fresh air–even the sand is interesting! We're incredibly lucky to live here in the Pacific Northwest.

Who or what are you inspired by right now?

AK: Cindy and I were fortunate enough to take another "Joue Partner Trip" to Paris this past spring during Fashion Week. We've always loved France— Paris especially, so it's great to enjoy it together while being inspired and making time to plan our year ahead. Personally, I've just returned from a family trip to Amsterdam and Greece, which was beautiful. I was especially inspired by the history and stories behind everything. In future "Northwest" collections, I see this trip inspiring me to layer elements and ideas. I also took time during my trip to sit and paint. Sometimes, time away means time to work on stretching my artwork abilities.

CY: The environment around me always inspires me, and luckily, we live in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. There's a catharsis in observing life around you –the colors and textures of nature and all forms of wildlife. It always brings me back to the most fundamental thing–feeling and embracing life as a human being.

What do you think of the color gray?

AK: It's very west coast! Grays, greens and blues are prevalent colors in the natural environments around us, and I love them. This will always be my home.

CY: It is a color that is abundant in my own home. Most often, I don't see life as black or white–rather, in various shades of gray. My decor is a reflection of that: a gentle, softer perspective on life. I also find that it's the color that's easiest to match with most hues –especially since every hue has a gray version.

Image Courtesy of Joue Design. 

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