May 22, 2015

As Seen at the ADDRESS Opening Party

Last night was the opening party to celebrate ADDRESS, a collection of Vancouver designers and artisans brought together by furniture designer and maker Kate Duncan, showing for 12 days at the Waterfall Building. 

"ADDRESS is not only an assembly of fine furniture and home accessories, it represents a new way of approaching design altogether. A curated approach that reaches beyond one size-fits-all design. It’s an assembly of designers/makers, deeply dedicated to their craft presenting expertise and exceptional work."
-Kate Duncan

Participating Designers: Zoe Luyendijk, Propellor, Greenstems, Nicholas Purcell Furniture, Fabulous Furnishings, Sticks and Stones Furniture, Artemisia Metal Fabrication, Heyday Design, Lissu Linen, Hendrik Lou, Woodlot, Army of Rokosz, Troy Moth, Christine Breakell Lee, Stephanie Duek.

The exhibit is going on now through May 31, 11am- 5pm, and until 9pm on Fridays. the Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Ave., Vancouver.

Here's what we saw on opening night:

Meridian 24 Pendant by Propeller
Furniture by Kate Duncan, linen sheets by Lissu Linen,
and woven blanket by Hendrik Lou

Woven items by Hendrik Lou, wall art is the Range Series by Propeller. 
Table linens by Lissu Linen, wooden cutting boards by Kate Duncan,
ceramics by Heydey Design, candles by Woodlot, and botanicals by Greenstems. Artwork by Christine Breakell Lee.

Tablescape detail.
Knives by Stephanie Dueck.
Living art wall by Greenstems.
Sideboard by Nicholas Purcell.
Pendant light by Propeller, artwork by Christine Breakell Lee,
Sideboard by Kate Duncan, tablescape items by
Heydey Design, Lissu Linen, Kate Duncan, Woodlot, and Greenstems.
42 Point light by Propeller
Benches and fire pit by Sticks & Stones Furniture.
Kate Duncan thanks the audience.
Fire pit by Sticks & Stones Furniture

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