May 1, 2015

5 Questions For: Nishika de Rosairo, dE ROSAIRO

Name: Nishika de Rosairo
Title: CEO and Creative Director
Company: dE ROSAIRO

Which of your projects are you most excited about right now?
dE ROSAIRO was built around the premise of “look, feel, lead,” which basically means that how we look is how we feel is how we lead. I think we sometimes forget the psychology behind clothing and the powerful role it can play in evoking emotions and elevating behavior. Right now at dE ROSAIRO we’ve just started researching a non-profit angle that will start to tap into this space, which I’m very excited about. More to come!

Tell us three words that embody your design philosophy.
Power. “Desk 2 Dusk.” Everyday luxury.

What is your favorite place in the Pacific Northwest?
Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world because it was my first point of entry to the U.S. back in 2003 when I came to the University of Washington from New Zealand to partake in a business case competition. I returned to Seattle in 2005 for my MBA at the University of Washington, and even to this date, every time I visit Seattle (which is often) I become nostalgic just walking downtown, or through the U.W. campus, or anytime I see the views of the gorgeous city from the I-5 driving south.

Who or what are you inspired by right now?
My inspiration is a constant flow between a few strong tenets: freedom of expression, discovery, cultural identities, perspective, and fluid relationships. Right now I’m inspired by the very notion of life and why we do the things we do, why we feel the way we feel, and the way in which we hold the power to influence and change the emotions and behaviors of ourselves and others.

What do you think of the color gray?
My go-to colors are grays, blacks, whites, and sometimes navy. I think gray is a sophisticated color that spans many moods and feelings. It’s sexy, almost unexpected, and mysterious.

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