Jun 1, 2015

Product of the Week: Color in Space

You probably painstakingly pored over paint chips to find a wall color for your living space, but if your main criterion was whether it would match your throw pillows, you might need a color intervention. 

A clever Seattleite has created a pretty genius way to make choosing a palette easy. Color in Space, founded by interior designer Emily Lauderback, is a system that helps to create a coordinated space using strategic color palettes. Each 12-color palette is named for a different dwelling style, and can be used to guide your selection of anything from paint to an area rug. Lauderback promises that the colors have been chosen for their effective visual balance.

The Dwelling palettes are designed for home interiors, the Chakra palettes are for making color choices based on the seven Hindu Chakra energy points, and the Exterior Color palettes for outdoor paint projects.

Materials specified using the Penthouse palette

Vignette with furnishings that utilize the Penthouse palette
Color in Space seems like a smart way to take the guesswork out of pairing colors so that your energy can be put to other pressing matters like tracking down those throw pillows…

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